Our Process : Transportation Process

The transportation process is virtually the backbone of the shifting business. Quite a lot of personnel are involve here, but the most important figures are the truck an lorry drivers who have to drive the vehicles that move your goods around. Truck and lorry drivers in our folds have been diligently trained to drive their vfehicles around the country across state borders and even across international borders with the greatest expertise and care.

The transportation process also involves the use of railways to ferry goods and household furniture. Rail transfer is good, effective and cheap. It is quite reliable too. There are minimal chances of pilferage and robbery, although cases of armed robberies are often reported when a band of dacoits have looted a goods-train of its cargo. Trains are known to cover the entire country.

Air transport or conveying goods through airplanes is often quite expensive, but it is quite quick and safe, except for cases where entire airplanes have crashed into the sea or on land. But such instances are rare. It is often employed when you need to get your goods and belongings across a long distance and you don’t have a lot of time to wait for delivery of your goods.